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Practice Areas

Our firm undertakes to provide legal advice, consultancy, legal expertise, document drafting and representation in court or out-of-court proceedings in several fields of civil law, business law, family law, labour law, administrative law and misdemeanour law.


You might involve damage in numerous fields of life, manifesting itself in a decrease in value of your property, lost profit or personal injury. The new Civil Code of Hungary considerably changed the established practice of tort law, while leaving the following basic principle unchanged: the tortfeasor shall compensate the aggrieved party for his losses. Our Law Office can provide you professional assistance in such cases.

Recovery of claims

Many times we are forced to face with damage caused in abuse of our confidence. Be it a loan granted by a friend as a private individual or a debt arising from business operations of an undertaking, our primary aim is to recover our money. Such recovery is often hindered by insolvency or even unwillingness of the debtor. However, there are legal instruments by which we can successfully fight against a reluctant debtor provided that such instruments are selected prudently. Other useful sites are Payment notice and Payment order.


Legal representation in insurance cases is one of the main specialties of our Law Office. Unfortunately, according to general practice, insurance companies fail to take their clients seriously until they appoint a lawyer. While bearing the principle of prevention in mind, we expressly recommend you to contact an expert – who is independent of the insurance company – right before concluding an insurance contract in order to gain evidence that the insurance facility offered really provides sufficient coverage for the relevant event of insurance. In addition, our services cover also review and professional evaluation of the circumstances of the event of insurance already occurred and of the relevant contract and regulations, out-of-court settlement against the insurance company and, if necessary, representation in litigation.

Company law, corporate law

Obviously, nowadays a company can be founded even using a contract template. Although this solution is cheap and simple, it is appropriate to choose this option only in the case of single-member undertakings or those operating within close family relations. For multi-member companies, the situation is more complicated and involves higher risk, so they require more detailed and far-seeing regulation. Apart from a few exception, legal representation is mandatory in legal matters concerning companies. You will be given assistance by means of our experiences in all phases of the life of your company, starting from its establishment through providing for its regular operation to its eventual termination.

Real estates

Plots of land and superstructures (buildings) on them are called real estates. As to its intended purpose, a real estate might be a residential unit, a dwelling house, a farm building, an arable land (plough-land, meadow, pasture, vineyard, garden, orchard, reed, forest and afforested land, fish pond etc.). Our Law Office provides its clients comprehensive legal services in connection with the acquisition and the protection of possession of real estates, settlement of their legal status, and transfer of their ownership.

Enforcement proceedings

In default of the obligor’s cooperation, decisions, judgments or contracts can be enforced in independent proceedings; in particular, enforcement proceedings. Such proceedings may be instituted in compliance with formal requirements and are conducted in the framework of fixed legal frameworks. As the costs of proceedings have to be advanced by the party applying for enforcement, it is practicable to take also the chances for return into consideration. We can provide you assistance in enforcing the interests of and representing the applicants in the course of enforcement proceedings.


Notwithstanding that no one likes to think of mortality, you probably won't like to see that your surviving loved ones quarrel about your estate or, as the case may be, cause damage to each other. All this can easily be avoided by far-seeing prudence. Be it a last will and testament, a contract of support or inheritance, the document must comply with strict formal and content requirements so that it could achieve its intended goal. Use our Law Office’s expertise if you propose to draw up a document associated with inheritance or, as the case may be, if you face an inheritance dispute.

Marriage property law

Cohabitation in marriage and common-law marriage represents or might represent not only an emotional relationship but also an economic community and, as such, it cannot devoid of rational way of thinking. Entering into a property settlement agreement has significance in particular if the parties who establish a relationship with each other are in considerably different financial-earnings positions or make financial (or even in-kind) investment in the property owned by one of them. The parties are allowed to settle their financial relations not only before establishing but also at any time during the term of their relationship. Such forethought might highly contribute to amicable separation in the case of divorce or breaking-off. Our Law Office undertakes not only to draw up property agreements but also it provides services to its clients in all property matters related to cohabitation in marriage and common-law marriage (e.g. those related to child support).

Drafting and commenting contracts and agreements

You cannot ignore thorough preparation and comprehensive analysis and management of potential consequences and risks even in transactions that seem to be very simple. All this is indispensable in business. However, a solution which seemed to be cheap previously might prove to be very expensive even in transactions between private individuals. Our Law Office undertakes to draw up and comment on a very wide range of contracts and agreements and to provide the relevant consultancy.

Labour law

You as a responsible company manager cannot establish or settle your legal relationships with your employees without involving experts. If you are an employee, you may reasonably require the respect of and an appropriate remuneration for your work. Although it is beyond doubt that an employee is in a more exposed position in an employment relationship, the legal environment and the judicial practice strive to compensate this situation. However, either party may suffer injuries, in which case representation by an expert is indispensable.

Foundations, associations

Regulation of civil organizations has recently undergone major changes and, notwithstanding that the range of their available types has expanded, not only the requirements have become more rigorous but also the legal environment has remained rather complicated. Nevertheless, owing to State subsidies, tax allowances and application opportunities, the attractiveness of the non-profit sphere is still undiminished. You can select from the individual forms of organization relying on the help of our Law Firm and our accountant specialized in civil organizations and you are relieved of the administrative burdens associated with foundation procedures, too.

Administrative and regulatory proceedings

There is no one who has never participated in – either as a subject or as a client, or not rarely as a victim of – an official procedure. Many people think that they are only little specks in the administrative organization representing the executive power of the State and have no chance to eliminate injustice they suffered. Well, this is not quite the case. Public administration consists in a system of law enforcement agencies, i.e. it must (should) operate within legally regulated frameworks and must (should) adopt legally justified decisions. If it can be blamed for a mistake, it is accountable for the mistake that can be remedied in optimum cases. However, claims may not be enforced on the grounds of emotions/sense of justice, but rather only and exclusively on legal grounds. It calls for an expert who is provided to you by our Law Firm.

Condominium law

Unfortunately, it rarely occurs that a condominium community settles conflicts by compromise. In most of condominiums, there are co-owners who do not pay and are incapable to meet civilized norms of co-existence. The action against them creates serious challenges to the joint representative and the other owners. It also occurs that you believe a decision adopted by the majority is injurious to yourself. In such cases please do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm.

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