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Fees and Costs

Considering that each case is a unique one, even if some cases seem to be similar, we cannot offer a single tariff.

We are attempting to fix our fees for our clients in a reasonable way and to adjust them to the value of the services provided. We intend to create such a cost structure which enables our clients to estimate the costs to be incurred.

Most favourite cost structures

In case of a flat rate our clients pay a fix amount of money each month – with no extra fees – and during this period our legal service is continuously ensured.

It is another preferred way to distribute the costs to specified sections of the whole work (e.g.: for the first stage of the litigation process), so the time and amount of payment are adjusted to the work actually done. It is also an advantage that the client does not need to pay a big amount of money in advance.

However we often apply an hourly-based rate, which is usually the most proportional to the task.

Depending on the demands of our clients a combination of the aforementioned structures is also possible.

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